July fried 2005


Elephant Home

Acoustic astral travel by Manuel Bienvenu, lunar Renaissance man back from Tokyo. If you were ever to embark on a long space journey that is the soundtrack of choice: cosmic piano, muffled guitars, faraway vocals, pataphysical lyrics... Hop onto his hypnotic Mecanique cantique video.




It's hip to be rectangular. Grace Tan's geometrically inclined fashion lab from Singapore explores conceptual perception through experiments for you to guinea-wear.


Sells in Asylum Singapore and in Sydney.



Fru Fru

When girls go bad. Fashion and accessories from a genius duo of music producers / graphic and fashion designers in Singapore. Grrrr!



  Bossy Cat

Precious handbags made in Hong Kong from vintage kimonos and remnants of oriental glamour past. Sofia Wallin invites you to post ethylic dim sums and island hopping soirées.





Disko Cabine


Lost on the way back from the bathroom you trip into a private pinball machine party, naked but smeared in glitter. Found pogoing frantically over your strapped body are Stereo Total, legendary French mad woman Brigitte Fontaine, Boy from Brazil, Stereolab, iconic Japanese mad woman Hanayo, Cobra Killer, Robots in Disguise, iconic French pop idol Elli Medeiros, Pocket Rocket... With jawdropping sleeve design by London outfit Cabine.