Maxim Hong Kong & China, 1st issue: "April in Paris", styling by Nigel Garnett, fashion by Lucien Pellat-Finet, Gaspard Yurkievich, Pierre-Henri Mattout, Adidas Y-3, Kiliwatch vintage,
hats by Anthony Peto,
sneakers by Schmoove, jewellery by Argentum, models Adam and Kris from Success Models Paris
West East magazine, French issue: writers Tristane Banon, Claire Poinsignon, Shan Sa, Valentine Goby, Isabelle Sorente, Karine Tuil, Chloe Delaume
Egg magazine, Skin issue: Paris stained series: Emmanuelle, Timothee, Albain, Juana, Claude, Raffael
Give me back my Winter!: Albain
Egg magazine Taiwan, Make issue: "Make believe": styling by Duncan Ho, fashion by Jean-Paul Gaultier, Dior Homme, models Stephanie and Tiphaine from Success Models Paris, and Albain, at the Hotel Meurice
Egg magazine Taiwan, Home issue: "House music", styling by Duncan Ho, fashion by Jean-Claude Jitrois, Rene Chaillard, Burberry's vintage,
jewellery by Mauboussin, models Anne-Solene, Pierre, Elisa, Andy from Success Models Paris
G magazine Hong Kong: styling by Duncan Ho, fashion by Jean-Claude Jitrois,
model Pierre
Egg magazine Taiwan, Wallpaper issue: "Deco sucks", fashion by Yves Saint-Laurent, Gucci, Loewe, Calvin Klein, models Miss Oi, Andy, Adrean, Dust, Davin, Celine, Jimmy

Egg magazine Taiwan, issue 10: "The Ten Commandments", fashion and accessories by Kenzo, Burberry's, Agnes b., Nike, models: Nick Daddy, Hope, Dust, Liu, at Moshi Moshi
Store magazine Hong Kong, Identity issue: "Identification please", personalities Jackie Lee, Nick Daddy, Mira Lin, Janet Li, Janet Tsai, Jennifer Wu, Jimmy, fashion and accessories by Fendi, Persimmon Lane, Shanghai Tang, Persimmon Lane, PS
Egg magazine Taiwan, Old issue: "The Immortals", fashion by Kenzo, Christope Lemaire, Matthew Williamson, Stephane Dou, Persimmon Lane,
bag by Christian Dior, jewellery by Bulgari, models: Nick, Russel, Shun, Dashi, Liu
Egg magazine Taiwan, Old issue: "The Immortals, part II", fashion by Agnes b., hair by Bron at S Square, models Siao P, Skeet, Janet, Vodka, Edward, at Sofa
misc. magazine Taiwan, Father issue: "Daddy O"
Store magazine Hong Kong, Fit issue: "Lomoshakodo", models Goro, Liu
West East magazine, issue #2: "Wonderland"
artists: Bjack, DJ Ty