Trace magazine #50, Anniversary issue, 07-08/2004 West East French issue: Charlotte Gainsbourg photographed by Ali Mahdavi; "Lady pens": Tristane Banon, Shan Sa, Valentine Goby, Isabelle Sorente, Karine Tuil, Chloe Delaume, Claire Poinsignon; "Pret-a-manger"; "How to be French" with Patrick Weil; "Aliens in Paris" Trace "Transculturalism" book: East West West East Street issue: *****L, Space Invader, Wad magazine Egg magazine, Make issue: J.Maskrey, Yann Hervis, Anne Vincent Egg magazine, Puppets issue: Rachel Laurent: Eng / Ch, Vincent Labaume: Eng / Ch, Ali Mahdavi, Esther Toth: Eng / Ch, "Guignol": Eng / Ch Egg magazine, issue 1-0: Melvyn Lim, Duncan Ho, Michael Cheung, Ulysses Chuang, Pan Chan, Jennifer Chang, Claude Grunitszky, Miwa Hikita, Kwannam Chu, Ali Mahdavi West East Pop issue